Our story begins in 2004, as a repair and restoration lab for luxury watches. In just a few years, with our solid technical training and our passion for what we do, we managed to build the most sophisticated Romanian horology lab and to position ourselves as landmark service providers of luxury watches. The Horologivm of today offers a complete variety of luxury horology products and services.

In our years of activity, we have expanded in both physical space and range of activities. Our team was joined by passionate and talented professionals. But the thing that defines us most is the community we've gathered around our passion for horology — more than 3,000 customers have become a quintessential part of our extended Horologivm family.

In our family, the mere act of servicing a watch has become so much more. It is an opportunity to reunite with a good friend, to have a fascinating conversation about literature or history, or to simply enjoy coffee together and exchange ideas on our common passion for watches.

Our dedication to the horology universe has been recognized not only in our tightly-knit community, but also on national and international levels, through diplomas and attestations. In 2005, only a year after its inception, Horologivm received official recognition from the National Council of Small and Medium Enterprises. We were awarded First Place in the National Privately Held Companies Award among companies in the same field.

Horologivm founder Mihai Ceciu is the only Romanian to have graduated from Wostep-Neuchatel, Switzerland's most famous school of horology. Moreover, in 2017, he became the first Romanian to ever complete the highest level of educational in the field: The MASTER OF ADVANCED STUDIES EN CONCEPTION HORLOGÈRE (MAS-CH) at the Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie in Neuchâtel, Switzerland.

His talent and expertise were officially recognized in 2006, when a top Swiss brand placed him among the top 10 watchmakers in a network of over 400 watchmakers examined worldwide.

Mihai pays particular attention to innovation and technical creation. His vision is now channeled into the design of watch mechanisms. Spectacular news will be unveiled to the public at the end of this year, so keep an eye out for the announcement!

At Horologivm, we are also concerned with the educational part of the watchmaking profession, which represents the very foundation of our business. That is why we established the Clockwork School, where both initiate watchmakers and beginners can enrich their knowledge of horology through workshops taught by Swiss and Romanian watch masters. This initiative is unique in Romania at this time.

Currently, Horologivm brings together 5 divisions that cover the entire range of horology services and products: Laboratory, Swiss Watches, Pre-Owned, Diamandis and Super Parts.

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