The Lab

About the lab

Our laboratory is the core of Horologivm. Spread over 100sqm, the lab is designed to confer Swiss accuracy to the works coordinated by our specialists, who are also trained in the spirit of Swiss horology.

We are equipped with a full range of both essential and leading-edge instruments required of a high-performance laboratory.


Complete sets of hand tools for each bench – 7 posts for watchmakers and 1 post for polisher.

Testing devices for mechanical: Witschi Chronoscope X1, Chronoscope M1, Watch Expert, Wicometre Professional, Micromat C.

Testing devices for quartz: Witschi Analyzer Q1, New Tech Handy.

Waterproof testers with air: Witschi Proofmaster S, ALC 2000 and with water: Natator 125 and leak detection:Bergeon 5555.

Cleaning devices: 2 Vibrasonic A800 machines, modified by us to the highest level of automatization, 1 Greiner Vibrograf ACS900. All three have ultrasonic baths.

Devices for magnetism: Magnomatic, Antimag2, Magnotest.

Automatic watch winder 1rpm and 4rpm: Elma Cyclomotion 12

Echappemetre VOH with microscope, numerous digital measuring instruments.

Pivot lathes: Horia MTM , Rollimat.

Electroplating unit: Comfort Digital II.

Glass grinding machine: Kronoglass.

Numerous presses and lathes.

6 microscopes-one for each watchmaker bench.

Compressors, vacuum pump, air and vacuum system for all benches.

Ultrasonic baths, Steam-jet cleaner, dryers.

Lapidary machine, polishing machine, polishing drums, sandblaster.

The lab is optimized for high-precision work via efficient subdivisions. There are 6 workstations in the main room, equipped with all the tools necessary for the watchmaking and craftsmanship. Air purity and other environmental conditions specific to horology are ensured by optimal insulation and ventilation. Air purification is essential in a watchmaking laboratory, as dust is one of the main factors to affect the proper functioning of watch mechanisms.

A second room, very well insulated, is exclusively dedicated to the exterior refurbishments of cases and bracelets, as well as precious material plating.

Another section is dedicate to the restoration of larger watches — from pocket watches to wall or floor clocks, and even music boxes. In this space, we bring pieces of history back to life. You can hear salon mechanical music and gong beats at regular times. It truly is an incursion into another time.

The last room is for creative purposes. Here is where technology meets the restoration process, making it possible to use computer technology to rebuild parts that are badly damaged or missing. Electronic macros are the basis for many restoration processes.

Antic Horologivm is the only watchmaking laboratory in the country with Swiss-quality execution levels. Omega specialists confirmed this fact, listing the Horologivm Laboratory among the best in their network.

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