Why would I choose Horologivm?

You can learn more about Horologivm on our Services and About Us pages. Hopefully, our company's history and the many accreditations that legitimize us in the world of horology will convince you we’re the best choice out there. Here’s a more personal answer to your questions:

  • if it’s your first time with us: out of curiosity (and you will not regret it)
  • if you have already used our services in the past: out of conviction
  • if we made a mistake: because we take responsibility and want to amend it
You are welcome to come to us with absolutely any watch-related issue; If we can, we will solve it; if not, we will offer you a free consultation on the issue.

What are your prices like?

Our specialists are trained in sophisticated watchmaking techniques and have completed competitive specialty programs in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, etc. Our laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology. All of these are meant to provide you with a watch repair and maintenance comparable to or better that some of the top Swiss laboratories out there. At the same time, we practice appropriate prices relative to the local market. As a rule of thumb, the service price is generally half the Swiss price. We strive for half-time service too.

What are the advantages of choosing the Horologivm lab?

THE TRUST that over 2000 customers have been giving us for the 13 years we’ve been in business.

THE PROFESSIONALISM and the experience of our world-class specialists.


THE ETHICS with which we operate.

THE COMMUNITY of watch collectors and lovers you have the opportunity to become part of.

What are the advantages of choosing the Horologivm store?

We run a nice shop, where you can feel at home with the added benefit that here you can also hang out with our staff. Our amazing people are always ready to chat with you about watches. Moreover, access to information in our store is virtually unlimited. You can come in for 3 minutes, but just as well you can honor us for 2-3 hours. We would enjoy both equally. And if you do not have the chance to visit in person, we hope our online store can meet your horology needs.

I want to buy my first quality watch. What do you advise me?

The blog and our online store are a rich source of information to this end. If you have the opportunity, however, we recommend a personal visit with Horologivm. Our sales assistants are at your service with a wide array of personalized advice.

What can I expect from a pre-owned watch purchased from Horologivm?

You can expect your long-awaited watch in near mint-condition. Before it goes on sale, the watch is thoroughly checked by our lab specialists. If necessary, they operate either on the mechanism, to ensure functionality at the highest level, or on the exterior, to correct aesthetic problems.

At Horologivm, we like to raise the repair and maintenance of watches to art-level, but we don’t get this opportunity too often. Watches often return untouched from the lab because they work and look great! We like to believe that this is due to our network of loyal customers, passionate about clocks and devoted to their proper care.

Moreover, the prices of pre-owned watches are significantly lower than first-owned ones, without an impact on the quality of the watch.

Who guarantees that the watches you sell are genuine?

WE DO. Absolutely no watch goes into our display window until we confirm it is 100% genuine (this is a delicate work involving a watchmaker, authenticator and a lot of documentation). Furthermore, one of our goals is to combat counterfeit and replicas. Our top brand suppliers send us their latest watch models directly from the factory, packed and sealed and accompanied by all the documents of origin. These watches can be verified at any time by emailing or calling the manufacturer.

I have a watch. How do I know if it's genuine?

Assuming you are not a knowledgeable person in the field of horology, the correct answer is: you can not know whether it is authentic or not. That's why we’re here, to give you the assurance that what you have is a real deal. We have all the necessary certifications and accreditations from the most representative horologist institutions to be able to make this assessment with the utmost accuracy.

We can do the assessment in two ways.

The online version (or the “complicated way"): send us high resolution pictures of the watch and the mechanism and we will figure out the rest ourselves.

The in-person version (or the “easy way"): Bring your watch over to us.

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