Pre Owned Watches

Horologivm Pre-Owned is the first-of-its-kind consignment store for luxury, vintage and contemporary watches in Romania — an experimental shop where we strive to meet the needs of watch collectors and lovers alike, to bring them closer to their dream of owning a valuable watch without making a considerable financial effort.

What does consignment meant?

It means that Horologivm Pre-Owned serves as a point of confluence for those who are ready to part ways with their watch and those who desire that same watch. In other words, it is a system that allows us to serve as mediator for our customers who wish to sell their luxury watch.

What can you expect from a pre-owned watch acquired through Horologivm?

You can expect your much-coveted watch in practically mint-condition. Before it goes on sale, the watch undergoes a detailed inspection in our lab, where it is thoroughly checked by our specialists. If necessary, our specialists will operate either on the mechanism itself, to ensure functionality at the highest level, or on the exterior, to correct aesthetic issues.

At Horologivm, we are so passionate about horology that we like to raise the repair and maintenance of watches to art-level. However, we seldom have this opportunity. Most watches return untouched from the lab because they look and function perfectly! We like to believe this fact is due to our network of loyal customers, passionate about watchs and devoted to their proper care.

Moreover, the prices of pre-owned watches are significantly lower than those of the first-owned watches, without an impact on the quality of the watch itself.

If you want to sell a watch through our store, we invite you to send us an e-mail at with the following information:

  • Watch brand
  • Name and model serial number (if available)
  • Serial number/numbers on the case (if available)
  • Serial number on the mechanism (if available)
  • Date of purchase
  • Bought new or pre-owned?
  • A few photos
  • A description of the flaws, issues (if any)
  • Contact details (email, phone)

After reviewing your request, we will provide you with advice on pricing and means of collaboration. In some cases, we also offer the possibility of mutually beneficial exchanges.

If you are interested in a particular watch, please mention this in your email and add the following information:

  • Watch brand
  • Model, collection, model variant (dial color, bracelet / strap, carcass material)
  • allocated budget
  • Contact details (email, phone)

We will do our best to find the model you are looking for.

Conditions by which a watch may appear for sale in our store:

  • A minimum value of approximately EUR 1000 per resale
  • A good or very good aesthetic and functional condition
  • Setting a fair price according to the market price
  • The presence of original documents and boxes is an advantage

Out of respect for our customers, we reserve the following rights:

  • To refuse a watch with or without providing a specific reason
  • To decide the works that are imposed on a watch in order for it to be sold
  • To choose a suitable price, in agreement with the owner of the watch

Other important information about our consignment regimen:

1. For our collaborators and customers, we offer free pricing counseling, as the price can be influenced by specific industry-related factors.

2. All pre-owned watches displayed for sale are first checked by the lab specialists for authenticity and functionality. Upon an extensive analysis by our specialists, the owner of the watch is informed of the required interventions. If necessary, the watch undergoes the operations necessary to resolve any complications of functional or aesthetic nature. A watch will appear in the display case in the condition it is brought to us (a good condition, obviously) in exceptional cases only. Later, the buyer may give his approval for the suggested interventions.

3. When a particular watch is accepted in the consignment, a duplicate contract shall be made with the object of the watch/watches delivered by the customer for sale.

4. Because we have full confidence in the work done by our watchmakers, your pre-owned watch is eligible for a 24 months warranty covering any malfunctions. This warranty does not, however, cover defects caused by inappropriate use of the watch. Our laboratory's experts have the necessary knowledge and experience to accurately diagnose a watch's faults and its causes. We are able (and happy!) to provide service for all watches sold through our store. We have to inform you, however, that this warranty may be lost if a third party intervenes on the watch purchased from us through service operations.

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